Stories that Shine on an Awesome God



If deep down in your fundamentalist, Christian heart you know your traditional view of God doesn’t always make sense . . .

If you are just hanging on by your fingertips, trying to make it one day                       at a time . . .

If you prefer to be a boots-on-the-ground, follower of Jesus Christ instead of a bum-on-the-seat, church pew warmer, but lack the motivation . . .

If organized religion has lost it’s luster, but you still believe, or want to believe, in a loving God . . .

If you long for a clearer, more consistent picture of the One you call Lord . . .

If, during your struggle with life, He has given you unorthodox answers that you have been brave enough to try, or not . . .


 If you enjoy a good story . . .

Then come on in, join me at this mother’s lap kind of place, where stories are collected and shared, where lessons are learned and views are enlarged.  Let’s open this blog-book, Penpoints of Light — Stories that Shine on an Awesome God, with its chapters yet to be written.

Let’s comment. Let’s discuss. Let’s always be Christ centered and Bible based. Most of all, let’s gain brighter views of God.

Read the stories. Check out the links. Be comforted. Be stretched. Be challenged.


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