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Upgraded Passion

This is the story of one writer’s journey. It’s also a story of one awesome God. Both are mine.

God and I birthed this blog seven years ago. The blog grew. It faltered with neglect. I tended it and it blossomed. Fortunately, it never died. Writing a full-length-fiction-based-on-my-own-story consumed blogging time.

And other excuses.

In that first blog, I wrote, “Nothing thrills me more than to discover a new example, a new angle, of God’s love at work. Nothing.” That passion motivated me. It continues to motivate.

Now, God’s added another passion.

My journey to this new passion started in the fall of 1990 when I began to write for my own catharsis. I edited, re-edited, let life take over, and stopped writing for years. In 2013, I spent money and time to hone the craft of writing (I still have much to learn.) More re-writes ensued.

The manuscript “completed,” I pitched it as a “love-lost-found” story. I envisioned my audience as women who had not let God lead in their youthful choices and who could share the book with their children as guidance. A few editors showed interest, but only with a complete re-write. I understood their point. For a story of that theme, the end needed to come first. My gut said, “hold back.”

But, when, God? When?”

My timing is perfect. Wait on Me. In fact, put your love-lost-found story aside. The time is not now. Work on your sister’s story.

I began to research and write a second fiction-based-on-a-true-story. This work is about survival from abuse and integration from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). It caused me to look more closely at how the events in her life affected mine. Boy, did they ever!

A Culture of Silence pervades both stories. This culture enabled me to lose that young love and to deny the truth of my heart. This culture demanded my sister lose her complete, God-given identity.

In the process of writing her story, my first book took on a different theme and the idea for a series I’m calling Sisters of Silence was hatched.

So, now, I have a new theme and a new audience—adult survivors and their siblings of childhood abuse and trauma who are breaking through the silence. It was a cognitive realization. But how to reach that audience? What to say? Where to go?

“I’m not getting any younger, here.”

In My time, sweetie. Just chill.

Last month, my sister and I visited a little-bit of a woman with great faith, a dedicated plot of ground, and a supportive husband. She’s a survivor too. She’s also an author. She’s been working publicly a lot longer than I have on these issues through her ministry, Broken Pieces No More.

As she told me about the hidden abuses in her area, God’s Holy Spirit moved my heart with an upgraded passion. In the days that followed, I heard my Savior say,

You’ve lived under the shadow of abuse all your life, Merita—in that culture of silence. In fact, you were molested and deeply impacted. All these years of writing the “wrong” story was your training ground. Continue to work closely with your new friend and with your sister. They have much to offer.

Plus, I’m calling you to seriously reach out to other survivors. They are more than an audience that you mentally catalogue and market. They are real people with similar experiences. You love them and can empathize.

Remind them the deceiver often mixes religion into their abuse so they grow afraid of anything spiritual and become unable to truly heal. Tell how the dark side pits it’s victims against the truth of My love. Share your stories of how My light broke through for you and others—how it sets the oppressed free.

Your mind has been engaged for years. Now, your heart is too. Because you’re heart is now all-in, it’s time.

Evidently, my journey is only beginning. I breathe in deep, humbled by the thought.

“I’m just a newbie writer, Lord, but here I am. Send me.”

“For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.”

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  1. Sharon Overton said:

    Ah, I feel better about your direction and the probability of your success. Having read a version of one of the books and part of the other, and not being able to articulate, personally, what made me uncomfortable, I think you are onto something helpful. I’ll be praying that you and God continue to connect so that the world can become a better place.


    • Thank you for your insights, Sharon. The stories will remain basically the same, unless of course, I’m convinced they shouldn’t, but certainly the theme is more focused. These are hard subjects to read about, not easy to write, and make many people uncomfortable. But there is a huge need for those who have been so very oppressed in this Culture of Silence to be given a voice and a hope. Also, with any given work there is a given audience. It’s not for everyone. Thank you for your prayers. Connection with God is vital.


  2. Sandra K Stein said:

    Wow! What a testimony. The Lord is going to use you in powerful ways, I’m sure. Praying for His hand and anointing to be all over you and your writing as you embark on this new path/ministry.


  3. Sandra K Stein said:

    P.S. Your writing has improved so much, and I love that your going to turn it into a series–Sisters of Silence. Powerful!


    • Ah, thanks for the complement. If it hasn’t improved in 30 years something is sadly wrong! lol Right now, pray for doors to open to start the publishing process. I’m not yet convinced that I need to self-publish the first volume. It’s as ready as I can make it, and I’m working on submissions, but it’s a slow process as you know!


  4. Wooow (drawn out and spoken very softly).
    That is quite the journey, or at least part of it. I can see how the focus has changed and kind of even understand it because of my own past. I pray your passion will be fulfilled in writing and that you will enjoy the process. The very best of luck and God’s guidance to you. I was happy to see a “pinpoints” in my inbox! Hugs to you and your sister❣️


    • Thank you, Sable. There are so very many who struggle with the affects of childhood abuse, but God really, truly does know the path to wholeness. It’s got to be more about the healing and less about the evil!


  5. Indeed, very well said.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Breta White said:

    Just wanted to encourage your thought that God’s timing is always perfect!


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